Program Focus


NAID Foundation education programs provide equitable access to high quality education for children and youth, both boys and girls, in order to improve their employability and long-term quality of life, and to reduce poverty and poor health outcomes.


How do we do it?


Education is vital to the social and economic integration of future generations. NAID Foundation places a significant focus on this sector to ensure that children affected by conflict, poverty and disaster can continue to pursue their education.


Programs include a wide range of activities: teacher training programs, building libraries and Internet centers, providing books and classroom furniture to under-resourced schools, and promoting equal access to education. These programs also empower youth through service learning and leadership training to become active in their communities and act as agents for change.


Education and Education Support for Children


NAID Foundation provides disadvantaged communities with the resources necessary for a comprehensive education for both girls and boys through supporting safe spaces children to learn math, science, reading, art and more.


Continuing Education for Youth & Adults


NAID Foundation provides youth and adults with continuing education programs to increase their basic academic skills such as reading, writing and numeracy to build self-reliance, community engagement, and human dignity and improve employment options. This is particularly essential in poverty and conflict-affected regions where many have had their education disrupted as children.