Program Focus


NAID Foundation Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) programs provide access to safe drinking water, adequate sanitation facilities (such as washrooms and hand washing stations), and hygiene education for women, men, and children to keep families healthy and break the cycle of poverty.


How do we do it?


Water access


Water is essential for survival. In order to ensure access to adequate clean drinking and cooking water, NAID Foundation delivers water to schools, builds wells, and installs hand pumps along with providing training on the proper use and maintenance of these pumps. We also investigate innovative ways of getting water to remote areas.


Sanitation facilities


Having a safe, private place to take care of personal needs is an essential element of public health, participation in public life and education, and fundamental human dignity. NAID Foundation constructs fully functional sanitation facilities, which include pit latrines, bathrooms, and hand washing stations, along with training on the maintenance of these facilities.


Hygiene education


Contaminated water is a primary source of poor health, so knowledge about keeping water and selves clean is life-saving. NAID Foundation provides hygiene education to communities, as well as training to sanitation facility workers and water committee members